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More and more people have gotten their COVID-19 vaccination. (Thank heavens!) However, there is still a high demand for online events. As you know, the pandemic halted in-person conferences, meetings, events, and rallies.

Now, with a growing vaccinated population, we are starting to see a return to in-person events, but some companies are still making use of the virtual route — perhaps to save time, money, or resources. Whatever the reason may be, here is a list of ways to make more people interested in attending your event.

#1: Do Your Research First

Take the time to survey your potential attendee base and find out what type of virtual events are of interest to them. Understanding your target audience will also help you better promote your event to them.

#2: Do Your Research After

Survey your attendees for what they liked and what they didn’t like so you can improve for your next virtual event. Ask for suggestions on ways to get more people to attend the next one.

#3: Send Out Invites Early

Don’t wait to send out an invitation; sending it early will lower the chances of your consumers already having plans that day. Bonus: you can give attendees a discount or a special offer for registering early, to ensure they actually sign up!

#4: Social Media Is Your Friend

Spread the word about your event to all of your friends, followers and subscribers! Again, researching your audience in the beginning will ensure you are using the outlets that will be most beneficial for your event. Social media is also a great tool because interested parties can easily share the post with their entire network.

#5: #Hashtag

Consider creating a hashtag for your event so that attendees can tweet about their excitement leading up to the event, or share photos on Instagram during the event. Hashtags are a great way to be able to read and analyze what your attendees are thinking and saying about your event.

#6: Highlight The “Extras”

Does your event offer extra incentives to attend? Consider hosting a giveaway, or gifting a mystery swag box. Whatever you decide, tease your audience with the cool incentives they could receive by attending your event.

#7: Hype Up The Benefits!

Lastly, don’t forget to sell your event by explaining to your customers what they will get out of it. Could be as simple as new knowledge, or it could be a networking opportunity for new clients.

Happy Event Planning!

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