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You'll Never Know Dear, How Much I Love You (Please Don't Take My Smartphone Away)


For many of us — actually, for more than a billion of us — our smartphones are our life line. Mobile phones keep us connected, of course. However, smartphones do so much more than just make calls and send texts. We can send and receive emails, get access to social media and networking sites, and even have options to video chat with our contacts. With smartphones’ ability to access the internet, they are basically a mini computer in your pocket!

If you think about it, consumers use their smartphones for all walks of life. (Quite literally … because there is a built in GPS app to help you get from place to place). Smartphone owners use their devices for both business and pleasure. There’s an app for just about anything you can think of, ranging from business tools, to games, to music and entertainment, to finding parking spots for your car, to banking online.

It’s pretty clear just how easy it is to be on your smartphone all day isn’t it?

Now let’s think about the effect dependence on smartphones has in a business setting.

For example, the power that social media holds is extremely strong. It’s easier than ever to reach your customers and clients on a variety of different platforms. But, this goes beyond just being able to reach your audience; social media allows businesses to form a relationship with that audience and instantly, easily interact with them in a genuine two-way conversation.

We know that our audience is on their phones, let’s reach them where they already are. In fact, if you’re not, you’re missing a big opportunity. (As a pretty woman once said, “Big. Huge.”)

Another business tool made available to you with the help of smartphones involves QR codes. QR stands for Quick Response and the code is an array of black and white squares that creates a barcode. A smartphone scans the barcode and redirects the smartphone user to a link. QR codes are, as you guessed it, quick and easy to use for both parties involved, the advertiser and the advertisee. And, thanks to the pandemic and touch-free menus, they are more familiar and ubiquitous than ever.

Consider your next marketing strategy with smartphones in mind — you don’t want to be the marketer that invests a lot in a website, but neglects the fastest, easiest way for your customers to get there.

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