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Yes Virginia, Mail (Still) has Merits

Whenever a new advertising or marketing communications vehicle emerges, we hear the same old song …

"TV's here. Radio is dead."
"The Internet's here. TV is dead."
"Email's here. Direct mail is dead."

If we've learned anything, it's that people have quite a large capacity for consuming a variety of different messages across a variety of different media platforms. Think about all the advertising vehicles you're exposed to in a given day. Maybe you read the morning paper with your coffee, listen to the radio on your way to the office, check emails and surf the web at work, pass a half dozen billboards on the drive home, go through the mail before you walk the dog, relax with your family after dinner in front of your favorite sit-com. Rinse and repeat.

When we started B Direct nearly 15 years ago, about 75% of our billings were direct mail. Now, it's probably closer to 25%. While we've certainly embraced digital, we still love creating attention-getting (results-getting) direct mail. In fact, many of our most strategic clients incorporate postal mail in their integrated marketing plans, along with email, online and offline advertising, webinars, live events, content marketing, and more.

But, don't take our word for it. Direct mail relies on data, and here's some data you can rely on …

98% of people bring in their mail the day it arrives.

Between 80-90% of that mail gets opened.

48% of people retain direct mail for future reference.

75% of people have renewed their relationship with a business after receiving direct mail from it.

Direct mail on average drives 47 times more response than email. And, 35 times more than online ads. And, 6 times more than paid search.

of customers say that direct mail is their most preferred form of marketing.

Direct mail is the #1 purchase influencer for seniors. And, direct mail influences purchase decisions for 92% of millennials.

All these (persuasive) statistics aside, direct mail is a great way to make an impression, give customers a chance to engage, interact, read, touch, and feel what you're trying to tell them (or sell them). It's an effective way to combine promotion (an offer) and emotion (creative graphics and compelling stories).

And, let's face it, you can't send a cereal box, a Magic 8 ball, a Twinkie, or a pair of Elvis sunglasses (all things we've sent in direct mail campaigns) via email. The experience just wouldn't be the same.

"Direct mail is dead?" No way. Long live direct mail! 

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