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To Make Good, You Have to Do Good


The year that was 2020 made us all rethink our priorities and values. From being cooped up in our homes to stay safe from the coronavirus, to watching social revolutions happen in our cities … we had a big year. We became more reliant on digital resources and technology to keep us connected to those we love and those we work with.

These same resources and technology showed us the frontlines of movements such as #MeToo and Black Lives Matter. These movements are social in their nature, but can be applied to workplaces and companies alike. The demand for brands to align their priorities and values with their customers has never been greater.

The key decision factors aren’t just a company’s price or product selection. Consumers are now interested in supporting good companies. Thoughtful companies. Sustainable companies. Charitable companies.

Consumers often make impulsive decisions when choosing and supporting a brand. They can be quick to dismiss or even abandon a company that doesn’t align with their political stances, for example.

Early in the pandemic, masks were hard to come by and priority went to those working on the frontlines. This prompted companies such as H&M, Reformation, Nordstrom, and Hanesbrands to shift their production focus from their usual fashion lines to making as many masks as quickly as possible. Empty words such as “we’re all in this together,” mean nothing to the everyday consumer; action supporting the greater good shows purpose. This purpose drives the public to view the company positively.

Gap is an example of a company that not only talks the talk, but also walks the walk. Gap recently employed a diverse group of social activists to showcase their spring line. Some of the characters highlighted include an antibullying advocate and a trans rights supporter, to name just a couple. It’s one thing to speak on encouraging diversity, it’s another to actually put forward a diverse, inclusive, and united cast to model your new items.

In order to get out on the other side of the pandemic, companies should really consider making their values align with their audience — and prove to that audience that they follow through with actions supporting those same values, not just with words.

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