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If you’re under the age of 30, feel free to skip the following two paragraphs:

For those who don’t know the crazy popular social media app, TikTok, it is a video-sharing platform. Users are able to create their own video, film on top of pre-existing sounds, add special effects, “duet” another user’s video, comment on videos, and share them across both the app and other social media platforms.

The app champions both creativity and collaboration and resonates particularly well with younger generations. Those who use the app can find themselves spending long periods of time engaging with content as typical users spend roughly 52 minutes a day on the app. And with an estimated 680 million monthly users, TikTok has been expanding into one of the fastest growing social media apps in its four-year history. The potential for reaching millions by advertising on TikTok is something to consider. Just make sure you market wisely.

We’ve discussed in the past how important it is to engage with your audience; TikTok is a great way to stay connected with your customers and attract new ones to your brand. Brand presence on the app can be powerful and with companies being able to comment and interact with user’s videos, the possibilities for marketing on TikTok are just about limitless.

Take Chipotle for example. About a week ahead of National Avocado Day, Mexican food chain, Chipotle, created the #GuacDance challenge. The company encouraged their customers to film themselves dancing to the popular “Guacamole Song” by Dr. Jean. There were over 250,000 submissions.

Chipotle uses TikTok in a unique way as it encourages creative content from its audience. Chipotle Vice President, Tressie Lieberman, says “the chain is always scanning various online channels to capitalize on the content that customers are buzzing about.” This attention to detail and focus on the customers pays off as hundreds of thousands of users interact with Chipotle and rise to the occasion for challenges like #GuacDance.

Lieberman explains that Chipotle is looking to develop an authentic presence on the app, or as she puts it, “a personality.” For example, Chipotle is striving to create content that doesn’t feel like advertising, such as showing footage behind the scenes, or telling stories.

If you’re interested in learning if TikTok could be the right place for your marketing, check out the TikTok for Business page on their website

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