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The Ones That Got Away


In the new "Mary Poppins Returns," Emily Blunt sings a lovely song called, "The Place Where Lost Things Go." (It's beautiful. In fact, the entire film is beautiful. Do yourself a holiday favor and see it!)

As agency creatives, the Bs at B Direct have a different fantasy world to cherish. It's called "The Place Where Concepts Go To Die." We're talking about the ones that got away. The concepts that were too risky, too sexy, too sophisticated, or too playful. Basically, the concepts that were too ... well ... too too. Too much.

We remember them fondly. We vow to find another way to use them. But, eventually, we resign ourselves to the fact that no matter how much we loved them, no matter how promising we thought they were, they are dead.

For example, we presented concepts for a 3-dimensional campaign to an identity theft solutions client. We really liked the option they chose (an RFID, theft-proof, wallet with credit card shaped inserts that promoted individual benefits of our client's product).

But, we really loved the idea of sending a glow-in-the-dark zombie apocalypse set.

Which one better communicated the benefits? Probably the wallet.

But, which one would have been most memorable? The zombies, surely.

Just imagine the sales rep following up. "Hello, I'm Sammie Saleswoman. I'm the person who sent you the zombies." Talk about "total recall."

Other ideas that went off to the Place Where Concepts Go to Die ...

• A desktop guillotine (which was really a cigar trimmer) with the message "The next time the network's down, make sure your neck isn't on the line.

• A ViewMaster with custom reels that showed before and after office environments. "Picture getting more from your space without hurting your bottom line."

• A flip book (the recipient could mix and match top and bottom halves of faces) to promote an event called "The Heads of Industry Summit."

• The classic "Operation" game for a product that "diagnoses" application failures.

• A poster, eight feet wide by four feet high, of the Boston skyline for students who had been accepted to a major university there.

In the scheme of things, we shouldn't really complain. Over the years, we've sent custom comic books. cereal boxes, ouija boards, swiss army knives, Magic 8 balls, squishy bulls, carrots on strings, glow-in-the-dark stars, wine bottles filled with jelly beans, tee shirts, Elvis sunglasses, and Twinkies. Not to mention posters, brochures, and printed inserts of every conceivable shape and size.

We've come up with — and had the privilege of implementing — plenty of magical concepts in the past fifteen years. And there are surely just as many more ahead.

And, when all else fails, we'll always have our memories of ... the ones that got away.


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