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The Last Word (on Lame Words)


In last week’s blog we talked about resolutions for 2022, and things we should incorporate into our marketing for the new year. This week, we are going to give you a list of things not to do in 2022, specifically a list of phrases to avoid using at all costs.

Outlawed Phrase Number 1: “At the end of the day”

As Lake Superior State University notes, this phrase was originally banished over 20 years ago, and yet, “the day still isn’t over for this misused, overused, and useless expression.” Take it out of your vocabulary.

Outlawed Phrase Number 2: “Here’s the thing”

This is a filler phrase, you don’t need to introduce the possibility of there being a thing, just say the thing!

Outlawed Phrase Number 3: “That being said”

Just like the previous phrase, this is a filler. It makes whatever you’re saying wordier and redundant. Better transition words to use include “however,” “therefore,” or even a simple “so,” to then move on from.

Outlawed Phrase Number 4: “Asking for a friend”

Is anyone ever actually asking for a friend when they ask a question after using this phrase? No. It is overused and unconvincing. Try something else.

Outlawed Phrase Number 5: “Deep dive”

Ok really, is the word deep even necessary? No one dives into the shallow end of the pool. (Or at least, no one does twice.)

Outlawed Phrase Number 6: “New normal”

This phrase gets the same bad rep that “unprecedented times” got in 2020. Has anything post 2019 felt normal? No.

A majority of these phrases were originally viewed as cute and conversational, but have since turned too mainstream to be considered anything but overused and tacky. In 2022, let’s aspire to do better and to use better, more unique, phrases in our writing.

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