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Smarketing: Disarming the Enemies Within


Famous and well recognized rivalries are everywhere. The Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees, Coca-Cola and Pepsi, Ohio State and Michigan, and Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.

You probably know the name of your organization’s biggest rival. But what about rivalries within the organization? Sales and marketing are infamous for  — shall we say — not playing nice together.

Marketing says, “Sales doesn’t follow up with the leads we provide.”

Sales says, “The leads Marketing provides are garbage.”

But, maybe marketing and sales professionals should take a lesson from the Capulets and Montagues — that rivalry doesn’t end well. Collaboration and teamwork can be more valuable to both parties.

These days, it’s more important than ever for marketing and sales to be aligned with each other. Customers expect to deal with a single, united company — not two competing departments. While each may be a separate entity that works independently, communication between the two is invaluable for the company as a whole. Historically speaking, sales and marketing are not known for having good communication with each other. However, when they come together as teammates, instead of competitors, they are both much stronger for it.

In fact, the Aberdeen Group shows a customer satisfaction increase of 55% for companies that align their sales and marketing objectives. Wheelhouse Advisors saw companies gain a more than 200% increase in revenue after uniting their sales and marketing.

Here are a few key tips to better align your marketing team with your sales team:

  • Create and stick to common acronyms – this will cut down on confusion within your company.
  • Compute metrics the same way – using the same digital tools and formulas will also help lower confusion and make communicating figures easier.
  • Cross-functional teams are helpful – collaborating on various projects is beneficial, don’t shy away from bringing a sales person into a marketing meeting.
  • Combine marketing and sales goals and objectives – creating the goals and objectives together is a good way to get input from both departments and come up with a common goal to work towards – together.

Lastly, the benefits of working together and collaborating with your internal “competitor” are many and strong. By infusing the concept of collaboration into your company’s culture, you can work to eliminate the competition between departments. This will allow for a more positive outlook about working together, which in return, will allow a more positive and useful collaboration.

Make marketing and sales alignment a priority within your company.

And (P.S.) “Go Red Sox!”

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