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Retire Stereotypes


At B Direct, we've created many campaigns that targeted retirees. Some were for financial services companies; some for healthcare companies; some even for travel companies. Different industries, different clients, but the same target audience: seniors aged 65+.

We didn't show these folks pictures of 30- or 40-somethings. Flattery will get you everywhere ... unless it's such an obvious (and borderline deceitful) marketing tactic that it pisses off your audience. Instead, we looked for the absolutely best-looking models who could conceivably be in their 60s or 70s. Our images were complimentary and aspirational, not impossible.

Too often, marketing aimed at seniors assumes that they're frail if not downright infirm. We've always had better luck (and pulled better response) when we show active, engaged, satisfied seniors. The idea of the retiree sitting in a rocking chair knitting is as obsolete as The Waltons. (And, after all, Grandma and Grandpa Walton were pretty active themselves.)

Let's take a closer look at this not-so-retiring demographic:

82% of people in their 60s plan to work past age 65 and/or don't plan to stop at all

42% plan to transition by working part-time or starting a new career

34% continue to work "to keep my brain active"

29% simply like working

61% plan on traveling once retired

57% plan on relocating

76% of people aged 65-69 are on the Internet; 65% of those aged 70-74; 41% of those aged 75+

54% plan to volunteer once retired

44% plan to take classes or learn something new

People aren't just living longer. They are living longer — whatever their definitionn of living is. So, if you're marketing to Baby Boomers, or the soon-to-be, recently, or already retired, retire your stereotypes.

Especially when it comes to retirees.



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