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Alas. The chance that your direct marketing campaign will hit your target audience at exactly the right time — when they have a need, and a budget, and they're in the right mood to listen — is pretty slim. This is especially true when you're promoting a high-ticket B2B solution. Not only do you need to engage your recipient, but there may be entire committees involved in the selling cycle.

On the other hand, if your package happens to arrive at a "moment of truth," half your work is already done.

For example, some of our clients sell security products and services. If our campaign happens to arrive on the desk of a network manager or IT director who has just experienced a breach ... well, we're going to see some very good results. 

So, how do we make sure that our solution to their problem presents itself when the problem is top of mind? One powerful way is to acquire real estate.

Of course, positioning, which is a critical component in a marketer's bag of tricks, is all about gaining real estate in the customer or prospect's mind. Where exactly does the product or service reside? Is it a nice-to-have or a need-to-have? How does it compare to other solutions in the same space? Who is it for; what does it do; why should they believe it?

But, the real estate we're referring to here isn't perception. It's real real estate. Some of the most successful (not to mention creative) campaigns we've run have earned a place not just in the prospect's heart and mind but on his or her desk, door or cubicle wall.

If you can send something that is relevant and valuable — and irresistibly impossible to throw away — you can stack the deck in your favor. Maybe they don't need an enterprise-level time management solution right this very minute. But, in three or six or nine months, they might.

On the simplest level, we're talking about tchotchkes, premium items, executive gifts. But, there's more to it than that. Ideally, you want whatever you send to combine promotion and emotion. It needs to be directly related to the benefits of what you're selling. It needs to feel special and exclusive. Bottom line, a personalized pen won't cut it.

Here's a quick example from the B Direct vaults:

We developed a VDP (variable data print) individualized poster to send to tire retailers. These folks don't necessarily have desks, but gaining wall space in the shop helped us effectively sell and upgrade our client's POS (point of sale) solutions. All on a shoestring budget!

Rather than focus solely on the features and benefits of the product, we focused instead on the demands of running a tire business. We used creative application of each company's name for a highly-personalized experience. Each poster depicted a NASCAR team named for the retailer. Personalization appeared in multiple places on the poster and in multiple ways. So the racecar was branded with the client company's name, as was the pit crew member's jacket and pants' leg.

The payoff was: "Speed, Pressure, High Performance ... just another day at (COMPANY)." Our client's product was described as "software that goes the extra mile … just like you do." 

This "High Performance" direct mail campaign successfully tapped into the inner vision of the audience. By focusing on them — making them the hero of the piece itself — we were able to achieve a 5.2% inbound response. And, because the highly personalized and motivational poster was less likely to be thrown away, the campaign continued to generate upsell opportunities for the future.

Like they say in the real estate business ... location, location, location.

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