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Nervous? Picture Your Audience Reading Your Emails


There's a bit of sage advice that inexperienced public speakers often hear. If you're nervous (and — let's face it — most people would rather face death than get up and speak), picture your audience in their underwear.

For those of you who grew up with The Brady Bunch (like the Bs at B Direct did), Marcia tapped into this time-honored trick when she was taking her driver's test.

But, we digress.

Still, what goes around, comes around. If you're a marketer and your marketing includes email, you may already have a persona in mind. Well, thanks to Adobe, you can now picture them exactly where they'll be when they read your email.

And, it may not be where you think.

In Adobe's third annual email survey, 1,000 white-collar workers were asked about their email consumption habits. Overall, time spent reading emails has decreased. But, it still takes up a big chunk of a person's day.

The average number of hours spent checking email each day is 5.4. That's down 27% over last year. Of those hours, 3.3 are spent checking work email, down 20%. And, only 2.1 are spent checking personal email, down 36%.

There seems to be less urgency around emails, which is probably a good thing for all of us (and our blood pressure). More than a quarter of respondents wait until they get to work to check emails. One in five never checks email outside of work hours. And nearly half rarely or never check emails on vacation.

Now, for the fun part. When and where are the most common times and places that people check their emails?

  1. While watching TV or a movie (69%)
  2. While in bed (54%)
  3. While on vacation (46%)
  4. While in the bathroom (43%)
  5. While on the phone (38%)
  6. While walking (34%)
  7. During a meal with others (32%)
  8. While commuting to and from work (32%)
  9. While in conversation, face-to-face (18%)
  10. While working out (16%)
  11. While driving (14%)
  12. While at a formal ceremony (6%)

Some of these make sense (commuting); some don't (formal ceremony); some are rude (face-to-face conversation); some are downright disturbing (driving).

But, it certainly gives us food for thought.

So, the next time you feel nervous about your marketing campaign, just picture your audience reading your email ... in the bathroom.


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