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When beloved actor Betty White passed away just a couple of weeks before her 100th birthday, social media was flooded with memories and tributes. One Twitter user (and super Betty fan) thought it would be appropriate to honor White, who was a lifelong animal lover, by donating to a local animal shelter in her name.

Thus, the #BettyWhiteChallenge was born.

Sure enough, on January 17th, the day White would have turned 100, hundreds of thousands made donations in her name. In fact, it's estimated that nearly $13 million was raised.

The Queen B wanted to participate (the Bs are always excited by creative fundraising campaigns). And, her daughter encouraged her to donate to "Best Friends," an organization that focuses on no-kill solutions including adoption, spay and neuter programs, and advocacy.

This week, we received a handsome "Welcome" package from Best Friends.

The 9" x 9" envelope stands out for its shape (square), its color (bright orange), and its artwork (beautiful husky pups named Feta and Gouda. The teaser reads, "WELCOME, Together we are making history!"

Inside, a generous two-sided letter serves as a personalized "Thank You" and response slip, plus a list of "12 ways you can help save them all" including suggested activities at both the local and national levels.

A 12-page "Welcome" magazine — with plenty of adorable photos) talks about the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, national efforts to make all animal shelters no-kill, the organization's different programs, and its advocacy efforts. The tone throughout is compassionate, informative, and grateful.

Finally, there's a sticker, suitable for a back window or bumper, and a reply envelope.

In addition to providing a donation receipt for tax purposes, the goal of the package is clearly to encourage a first-time contributor to become a regular donor. It's extremely persuasive, appealing both to the head and heart.

The Bs give the "Welcome" package a thumbs-up. (And, in case you're wondering, there's another donation on its way.)

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Mailbox Monday
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