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We recently received not one but two postcards from a local independent bank. They both promoted "Absolutely Free Checking" although one was for personal accounts and the other for business.

The cards had a lot going for them. They were bold and big, printed on nice stock. The mailer even used one of our favorite tricks and put the "Free Gift" above the address area. This is a hot spot of postcard real estate and a great place for a special offer.

Although the type is a little too small, the copy is conveniently set-up in bullet points. The call-to-action includes three illustrated icons, depicting the recipient's choice to "call," "click" or "come in." (Nice alliteration there too.)

As direct marketers, we recognized that with some minor type changes and a new visual, the marketer was able to efficiently target two audiences with one campaign. Nice.

So, why are we disappointed when all is said and done? The offers ... or should we say, the singular offer.

The "Absolutely Free Business Checking" is promoted in a subhead as "Perfect for most businesses!" That may be, but the offer of a 6-piece Pyrex storage set? Not so much. The offer is clearly meant for a consumer or personal banking audience. An offer more appropriate for a business would have been better — and would have helped us believe that the mailer was tuned in to our needs.

A respectable campaign all around, but the B's at B Direct can't overlook such an unfortunate oversight. The offer has to match the audience, guys. 

Sorry, thumbs-down.

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Mailbox Monday

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