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How does a big brand win back a disgruntled customer?

That's easy: by listening, empathizing, appreciating, problem-solving, demonstrating value.

The thing is ... in real life (or at least in real marketing), easy isn't always easy. Many brands are too busy to do all of that. Or they have their sights set on acquiring new customers and making new sales rather than shoring up any fragile relationships with current customers. Or they've simply become so big, so corporate, so automated, that the individual customer slips through the cracks.

We recently came across a very effective piece of very, very personalized customer care marketing.

Our agency content coordinator is a fan of Dial Moisturizing Body Wash, and has been for years. The problem is that the specific products she loves have been discontinued. Twice.

Being a digital-native Gen Z, she voiced her disappointment on one of Dial's social media platforms. The company responded quickly via the same social channel, apologized, and suggested an alternative product. And, they said they would send some coupons.

A couple of weeks passed. Then, our coordinator received a thick envelope, hand-addressed, and stamped. In fact, it looked so very much not like direct mail that it had everyone wondering who sent it.

Inside, was a branded, handwritten card with sincere copy:

"Hi," it said, "Thank you for being a fan of Dial! We are sorry your favorites have been discontinued over the last couple of years. We have included some coupons for free product, as well as a sample of pure new Clear & Gentle Aloe Body Wash. We hope you are able to find a new body wash to love. Thank you for using Dial!" and it's signed, "Enjoy! Dial."

Inserts included a single-use sample, a coupon for $2 off, and four coupons for free products. Based on CVS prices, that's $16-$20 worth of appreciation right there. And their loyal customer is eager to find a new favorite.

Plus, she (and we) have already told many people about the experience. That's good business, not just good customer service.

The Bs give the package — and the brand behind it — an enthusiastic thumbs-up.

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