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If every marketer could send out 3D packages, response rates would go through the roof. Unfortunately, so would costs. Boxes, tubes, padded "jiffy bags" do get attention, but the postage alone is beyond the budget of many mailers.

So, what can you do if you want big impact with a small price tag?

You make a flat mail experience as special, engaging, tactile, and interactive as you can.

That's exactly what local business A&A Services did with their recent self-mailer. A fairly ordinary three panel piece becomes out-of-the-ordinary with the addition of a die-cut.

The address panel works hard from the get-go. A picture of the two business owners is coupled with a call-to-action in their voice: "Join our rowing list of satisfied customers... and become part of the family. We look forward to helping you on your next Roofing — Siding — Window — Door Project!" In the "hot area" above the address and indicia, there's an offer (Free Estimate), phone number and URL, and a compelling "before and after" example, complete with a three-line caption.

The art side or cover of the piece is also content-heavy (a little too much so in our opinion). There are three feature/benefit statements, each with an A+ icon. There's a photo of the business's storefront complete with logo and phone number, another logo, another  phone number, and another call-to-action: "Realize your dreams today with convenient FNANCING OPTIONS. But (in the familiar words of direct marketers everywhere) wait ... there's more.

The novelty here is a die cut station wagon that serves as a short fold opening to the rest of the piece. The car may or may not be an actual A&A Services vehicle, but it's decorated with yet another logo (that makes three on this panel), yet another phone number, and what appears to be a graphic wrap of a handsome home.

When the car is unfolded, a coupon is revealed for 10% off. When tat panel is also unfolded, the vertical spread includes a photo of happy homeowners, two local testimonials, and the company's value proposition in a bold but simple equation: Safety + Quality + Product = Peace of Mind. Oddly enough, the logo and phone number don't appear on the last reveal, which is, after all, the payoff.

As mentioned earlier, there's a bit too much going on and a lot of redundant (and in the case of the phone numbers, conflicting) information. But the piece definitely stands out, and the clever use of the die-cut makes it much more fun than the average self-mailer.

The Bs give it a qualified thumbs-up.

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