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Self-mailers are one of our favorite direct mail options. First of all, the options themselves are practically endless: oversized, undersized (yes, we've had those work), different folds, different die-cuts, creative personalization. Depending on your audience and product, they work equally well for B2C and B2B. And, they are generally cost-efficient and effective.

Of course, we love working on 3-D solutions as well. Sending something to someone is ... well ... if not downright bribery, at the very least curiosity-provoking and compelling.

We just received a self-mailer that included a 3-D element.

The piece is from Omaha Steaks, and measures 6" x 9" closed with full color bleed photography on both outside panels.

The address panel includes an offer in the "hot spot" above the address area. "Order now & get 12 FREE BURGERS ..." In case we're wondering just how good those burgers may or may not be, a short but effusive testimonial appears to the left under a glamorous shot of ... you guessed it ... a burger. "Best burgers ever ... purchase these monthly." So says Karen M from Port Charlotte, FL.

The art panel includes another hero image — this one a plate with a sliced steak and salad alongside a pint of beer. The headline assures us that, "You deserve more from your steak" and that we can count on "100% guaranteed perfection. Every single time." additional copy points out that the company has been "Family owned since 1917." And, the free burgers offer is mentioned again.

Inside (and thank you, Omaha Steaks agency people, the piece unfolds right side up either way you open it) we're encouraged to "Experience the difference with America's original butcher." There's an at-a-glance list of features, punctuated with illustrated icons. There's a listing for the "Classic Butcher's Bundle," which includes 17 items plus the free burgers for the "invitation-only price" of $139.99. There's a call-to-action, an 800-number, and a URL. There's a final mouth-watering picture of raw cuts of filet mignon.

And, adhered to the inside with fugitive glue dots, there's a sample packet of Omaha Steaks' Signature Seasoning, "Crafted by steak lovers. For steak lovers. Perfect blend to enhance every bite." The sample is not only a logical and attractive "freemium item," but it gives the whole piece a bit of added weight and thickness. We can only assume that it increased the package's open and engagement rate, which is job one for a self-mailer.

The Bs at B Direct give this mailer a finger-licking thumbs up.


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