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Mailbox Monday


It's one of the premier tenets of direct marketing (or any other marketing, for that matter) ..."Know your customer."

Or in the case of digital pet supply company Chewy, "Know your customer's pet."

Like most humans, the Bs at B Direct don't get as much postal mail as we used to. Even on special occasions. Between email, texts, and social media, holiday greetings (including once ubiquitous birthday cards) rarely arrive as anything other than digital communications. So, it was cool to find an analog, paper-based birthday card in the mailbox.

Just one catch. It was for the dog.

Guess what? That made it cooler!

Chewy knows their customers and apparently they know their customers' pets too.

It was a very low-key piece of direct mail. The shape and ratio of a traditional greeting card, the outer envelope was addressed with a friendly handwriting font. It included one-color artwork of balloons and a live (albeit standard rate)stamp. The return address on the back identified the sender as Chewy.

Inside, was a greeting card with a full-color image of balloons on the cover with the phrase "Hip Hip Hooray" above the Chewy logo (which is a playful mark in itself). When the card is opened, there are more balloons and a standard (cute) message on the left side:

Whether you BARK, MEOW, CHIP or SQUEAK, here's  to having a HOOT on your birthday!

On the right, the handwriting font from the outer envelope is used again for a "personalized" message for the Queen B's dachshund:

Hi Zydeco,

Hope you get lots of treats & hugs on your Birthday!


Your Chewy Friends

On the back cover, the Chewy logo appears again, along with a special birthday hashtag, social icons, and a very low-sell call-to-action, followed by Chewy's 800-number:

Call us anytime, we're always happy to help! 

The package is smart, simple, cost-efficient, and ... appreciated. It was especially nice to be given something (a cute birthday card) for nothing (no offer, no pushy sales message).

Well-done, Chewy! The Bs give the piece an opposable thumbs up.


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