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Mailbox Monday


What would you rather find in your mailbox this time of year: a catalog or a holiday card?

If you're like the Bs, you probably get enough catalogs already. That's why we appreciated receiving a holiday card from an online retailer instead.

The envelope was 5 x 7.5 and a cheerful shade of green. Although the address was clearly a handwriting font rather than actual handwriting, it did help it stand out from the rest of the mail. As did the live stamp and postmark. Even better was the Hallmark deboss on the back and a gold seal with the card company's familiar crown.

Inside, as expected, we found a holiday card, bright red with festive graphics and a headline that reads "Merry all the way!" When open, the greeting continues with "Oh what fun it is to wish you a happy holiday." A (faux) handwritten message beneath reads, "Hi, Happy holidays from all of us at Woman Within. We appreciate you and have tucked in a special offer just for you to treat yourself this season. Enjoy!" And it's signed by "Your friends at Woman Within."

Inserted is a single card with the aforementioned special offer: "Our gift to you. $50 off $100. $100 off $200."

The mailing is a very simple concept that's been executed very well.

The Bs at B Direct give it a thumbs up.

You can learn more about Hallmark's Business Connections programs here:

Special Delivery and Seasonal Delays
Thanksgiving, Better Days Will Come

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