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Contrary to popular belief, direct response mail and junk mail are not synonymous. We think of junk mail as the wrong offer sent to the wrong audience at the wrong time. At B Direct, we work closely with our clients to make sure that their marketing budget isn't wasted on junk.

But, that doesn't mean we never get any ourselves.

This morning, the agency received a colorful, oversized (6" x 11") postcard from a local Ford dealership, promoting ... trucks. Or, as the headline on the very busy address panel says:


We're a small boutique creative agency. We have no commercial vehicle needs. We do not need a truck.

The address panel also includes a large photo line-up of six new Ford trucks, Ford branding (twice), dealership branding (twice), the indicia, and B Direct's correct address. They get credit for address accuracy. Still doesn't mean we need a truck.

On the message side, five vehicles — including a dump truck, a chassis cab, and a snow plow — are featured with pricing and package details in about 2-point type. (We don't need a truck, but we definitely need a pair of reading glasses). There are two coupons (a $39.95 service deal and a $50 discount card), a 0% APR offer, retail information like sales and service hours, more Ford branding, and a cute picture of the dealership team (including children and dogs, oy) in masks.

A bit too much to consume and ... guess what ... we still don't need a truck.

If we were in the market for a commercial vehicle, the card probably works as hard as any other would. But, that's a mighty big "If." Our SIC code and DUNS number correctly identify our line of work, and our name is pretty straightforward too: Marketing Communications. So, it's a bit unclear how the dealership came to mail to us at all.

The postcard, albeit the most colorful piece in today's mail, is, unfortunately, junk.

The Bs give the campaign a thumbs down — wrong offer, wrong audience, wrong time.

But, now we know where to look if we ever do need a truck.

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