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Prior to covid-19, an estimated 4.7 million employees worked from home at least 50% of their time. Since the pandemic forced us to physically isolate, that number has increased exponentially. Despite complaining about haircuts (or the lack thereof), most newly remote workers have found cause to celebrate. No more commuting! More flexible hours! Zoom backgrounds! Sour dough bread (wtf?).

When home is also your office — and you're stuck there pretty much all the time except for the occasional walk — you might start noticing that your surroundings, specifically your furniture, are looking pretty tired. But, with most retail establishments closed, what's a person to do?

Shop online, of course.

This "new normal" is a great time to upgrade your living/working arrangements. Assuming, of course, that you haven't been furloughed or laid off. If you have, we're genuinely sorry and you don't need to continue reading. (A drink might help. Or chocolate. Or some comfort TV. Have you tried Derry Girls? Truly, it will pick you up.)

Anyway ... we just received a postcard from online homewares retailer Wayfair. It gets so much right, it's hard to know where to start. The card is big (6"x9"), colorful, and printed on decent stock. It's attractive and inviting and almost as welcome in the mailbox as a stimulus check signed by the president.

The art side of the card includes a nice photo of a comfortable and colorful room. A neutral sectional is enhanced by bright throw pillows; a tufted ottoman serves as a coffee table; bamboo shades complement a wicker chair and bohemian light fixture, while a more contemporary floor lamp grounds the room and keeps it from looking too hippy-dippy. A centered Wayfair logo is followed by a headline and copy:

Living Room Refresh
Save on furniture, decor, and more in-season styles.

(Three cheers for the Oxford comma, by the way.)

A small purple box in the lower left promotes a special offer: "10% OFF Promo Code on Back / FREE Shipping Over $35*" Alas, we have a couple of issues with this offer teaser. It's too small. It's too out of the way. It's too easily overlooked. And, if someone does notice it, the asterisk is off-putting. Is there free shipping over $35 or not? Doesn't really seem like something that requires a disclaimer.

Happily, the address panel (which is often the first place a recipient looks) is practically perfect. The address and indicia take up only a modest amount of the right-hand side of the card. The hot spot above is used for the special offer, bigger here and highlighted in a credit card shaped purple field. An imprinted offer code makes the promotion feel exclusive and time-sensitive.

The left side of the card includes another interior photo with a mobile phone overlay. Copy is minimal and comprises just the simple instructions to help you "See Before You Buy!" Copy instructs you to download the Wayfair app using the printed QR code. Once you've done that, you can see how Wayfair products will look in your own home.

Cool! (And smart and multimedia and the marriage of print and digital and lots of other good things.)

As you've probably guessed. We give the Wayfair postcard a big, colorful thumbs-up.

Oh, and do check out Derry Girls. You'll be glad you did.



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