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In the last few years, as email inboxes have overflowed, we've witnessed a renaissance of direct mail. We've stayed busy with content, social, and digital marketing in every shape, size, and platform. But, from quick postcards to custom 3-D packages, we were happy to be back in the mail business, producing a healthy mix of B2C and B2B.

Enter COVID-19.

B2C marketing may still make sense depending on what you're selling (and whether you have a relevant message for these stressful times — see our recent post on that!).

Meanwhile, B2B marketing lists are suddenly outdated if not utterly useless. Do you really want your precious piece of direct mail sitting in some abandoned mail room, meant for someone's abandoned desk in their abandoned cube? Chances are, the person you're trying to reach at their place of business is conducting their business somewhere else, namely at home.

And, besides, what would you send anyway? A roll of papier toilette?

Well, not exactly.

One of our favorite print and production vendors, DS Graphics/Universal Wilde, just sent an amusing — not to mention useful — dimensional package. The teaser alerts us that the package "contains liquid gold." Inside, a postcard assures us that "We are thinking of you and your safety during this time." The package contains four purse- or pocket-sized dispensers of bug repellant, stain remover, sun block, and — that all-important item that's probably second (after TP) on everyone's shopping list: hand sanitizer.

Copy is friendly and reassuring ...

Please accept this little token of our appreciation and concern for you. It may not be toilet paper, but it's clear that hand sanitizer is the liquid gold of this pandemic.

Soon, the stain remover, sunscreen, and insect repellent will be much-needed items as we venture back out into the social world.

Thank you for being such an important part of our success. Stay safe, stay healthy.

The package stood out (in our home office mailboxes) and brought a smile to our collective face. The message is sensitive without getting maudlin, and hopeful without getting mushy.

Well done! The Bs at B Direct give it three (thoroughly sanitized) thumbs-up.



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