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All right, first things first. We know this is a print ad. BUT, it's from a magazine to which we have a subscription. Therefore, technically speaking, it did show up in our mailbox.

And, we're glad it did.

Over the years, we've won a lot of awards. We've also judged a lot of awards shows. We've always thought there should be a category for courageous clients, clients who are willing to push the envelope, go out on a limb, be — maybe — just a little ridiculous.

If we were judging a show that included something along those lines, we would vote for this ad.

It's from Oatly oatmilk, and it grabbed us immediately with its irreverent headline: "This tastes like sh*t! Blah!"

Think about it, how many brands do you know that are willing to not just imply, but come right out and assert that their product tastes bad? Not just bad, but like shit? Not many.

The copy continues:
That's a real comment from a real person who tried one of our oatmilks for the first time. Some people just don't like it. They think it tastes like oats, because it does taste like oats. Here's the good part. If you don't like the taste of our oatmilks, you don't have to drink them. Taste is personal which is why we don't take it personal if you don't like how they taste.

There is, however, a growing number of people who find oatmilk delicious. Who can taste the balance of protein, fiber, unsaturated fats and carbs and know that it makes them feel good. So, give it a go and if you don't like it you can always give it to someone you don't like. That's what business students call a win-win.

From the conversational tone to the laissez faire attitude to the less than correct second use of "personal" at the end of the first paragraph, the copy is a joy to read. And, after the headline, it's almost impossible to resist. In fact, we would guess that more people read this particular ad than any other in the magazine — all of which, to be sure, are serious and professional and grammatically correct.

BRAVO to Oatly for being so willing to have a big personality in a sea of sameness.

Enthusiastic thumbs-up for the ad. (But, it's not likely that any of the Bs will be drinking your oatmilk. Don't take it personal.)

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