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Thank you notes were already going out of fashion long before people became addicted to texting and emailing. Now, they feel like a true relic of a bygone age.

That's probably why a postcard that the Queen B received last week was such a standout.

The Queen B is a theatre lover and had recently seen a production of Kate Hamill's (look her up; she's amazing) Vanity Fair at the Central Square Theater in Cambridge. She's on the mailing list of many local theatre companies and receives postcards promoting new productions regularly.

But, this one was different.

The front (or art side) has a photo from the play she just saw with a big message: "THANK YOU!"

The back (or mail side) includes several elements. There's a "Buy one get one free" offer with a code. There's a promotional message advertising that "Tickets start at $25!" driving response to the theatre's website and a local number. There are listings for two upcoming productions. There's a live stamp. And, there's a handwritten name and address (spelled correctly, thank you) and a handwritten, albeit quite succinct, note:

"Thanks for coming! See you soon. - Nina"

We have no idea who Nina is, but were intrigued enough to search the theatre's website for the name. Alas, we couldn't find her (an intern? a volunteer?). But, we certainly appreciated the sentiment.

Regional theatres rely on repeat customers — as do many businesses (maybe even yours). For the cost of a 6 x 9 postcard and a first-class stamp, the Central Square Theater made a lasting impression and probably sold some tickets. Very smart, and polite too. When's the last time you sent a "THank you" message to customers?

After all, "Manners matter."

You're welcome.

Mailbox Monday
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