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Toward the beginning of January, we received an oversized postcard with an image of a phone crossed with a safe. The card was from Ooma Office and was promoting a special offer on business phone service. The real estate on the postcard was filled with benefits, competitive advantages, third-party endorsements, a compelling offer, and easy ways to respond.

All-in-all, a quite respectable piece of direct mail marketing.

However ... we are perfectly happy with our current business phone service, so we took just the quickest of looks and discarded the card.

Then, a funny thing happened.

We started getting emails. Same image of the hybrid phone/safe. Same color scheme (deep burgundy, grey and black), same benefits, and same offer. Between January 7th and January 27th, we received no less than five emails from Ooma. They all had exactly the same look and feel. Headlines changed somewhat. Benefits and offers stayed the same but they were delivered in slightly different ways. With a special offer ending January 31st, a sense of urgency built email-to-email.

The email messages themselves are nice and lean, they use color and bolded type well. The call-to-action is highlighted in multiple places, not just at the bottom. (This is a strategy we seem to constantly encourage our clients to implement.)

Because within each email — as well as across the email series as a whole — repetition works. As an agency (or as clients), we have to remind ourselves that we may be tired of or (let's be honest, sick of) a campaign before our audience has even noticed it. Different visuals on each email might have felt like a more creative campaign, but it might not have generated the same immediate recognition — or, at the end of the day, the same results.

The Bs at B Direct give the email series a thumbs-up. And, even though we threw it away (we're only human), the postcard deserves some of the glory too. Had we not received — and noticed — the card first, the emails wouldn't have worked as hard as they did.




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