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Mailbox Monday


We're big fans of postcards. (Really, we've created hundreds of them by now.)

A postcard can be a great choice for your direct marketing outreach for several reasons. Postcards can be ...

  • High-impact — they really stand out in a mailbox full of ho-hum white envelopes
  • Low-cost — inexpensive to print and to mail
  • Quick message — great for today's shorter attention spans
  • Personalization opportunities — with clever VDP 1:1 personalization, they'll be shared and displayed
  • Redemption device — retailers can encourage recipients to bring the whole card in for a special offer
  • Oversized, die-cut, textural creates 3-D experience — spend a little more, and your postcard becomes a memorable, tactile experience

BUT, there are times when you may have too much to say for a humble postcard. Just because you're paying for paper, ink, and postage, don't feel compelled to cover every millimeter of your card with copy.

Sometimes, too much — even of a good thing — is simply too much.

This week, we received a postcard from business phone service Ooma. They had a lot to say. And, we mean A LOT. Much too much for a postcard.

On the art side, there is a creative concept: "Unlocking the value of a business phone service starts with not overpaying for it" coupled with an image of a combo phone/safe. It's clever, but it's lost because it's surrounded by other content: bulleted benefits; a special offer — complete with price, guarantee and call-to-action; phone number and URL; an award from PC Magazine; and their logo.


The message/mail side doesn't offer much relief. In no particular order, there's a call-to-action and an offer (again); the benefits (again); six quick paragraphs of copy; the phone number and URL (again); copy with a certificate border promoting the guarantee; and a good (not good) two inches of legalese and disclosure copy. To top it off, all of the aforementioned content is reversed out, making it even harder to read than it has to be.

The Bs at B Direct give the art director a hand for his or her ability to jam so much stuff in so little space.

But, the postcard gets a thumbs down. Less (much less) would have been more.


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