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Mailbox Monday


Okay, imagine a typical trip to your mailbox. You pull out a stack of mail. Let's see ...

Bill, bill, credit card solicitation, bill, credit card solicitation, bill, bill ... COOKIES!

We just received a win-back offer so sweet we simply couldn't refuse. The self-mailer came from Cheryl's Cookies, and it was big and colorful, printed on a fairly heavy stock. It certainly stood out from the rest of the mail (see actual unedited list above) with its nearly life-sized cookies.

On the art panel of the mailer, in addition to a delicious shot of ten cookies shaped like pumpkins and ghosts, a headline promises "Spooktacular Savings" and we're urged to "Look inside for your exclusive offer." The mail panel had another tasty photo and a burst element that specifies "$15 Off you next offer."

The piece is a horizontal double gate, and after slitting the wafer seals (which were conveniently perfed, thank you), the first reveal included a top panel with the message "We've missed you!" and an offer to use our $15 savings now at any of their "family of brands." Eleven logos took up the rest of the panel. In addition to Cheryl's, we could use our discount at The Popcorn Factory, Harry & David, Simply Chocolate, Wolferman's baked goods, and more.

Decisions, decisions ...

The bottom panel is designed as a savings certificate with ... you may have guessed it ... yet another image of cookies. We were genuinely pleased to see that the "$15 Halloween Savings" was ours, with "no minimum purchase required."

When the self-mailer is completely opened, it looks like a mini poster. There are four more pictures of cookies (what a photo shoot that must have been!) and there's cute, engaging copy. "Frightful delights for Halloween nights;" and "We hope we didn't give you a scare ..." Featured cookie collections have handy item numbers and prices. And, there's a call-to-action with Cheryl's URL at the bottom of the spread.

The last time we placed an order with Cheryl's was Christmas 2018. The self-mailer not only made us take immediate — and we mean, immediate — action, it also made Cheryl's (and the associated brands) top of mind as we head into this year's holiday season.

The Bs at B Direct give this campaign a finger-lickin' thumbs up.

(Cheryl, you had us at "Cookies.")

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