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This #10 package caught our eye for two reasons. One, we ran the same offer for a progressive phone company several (like nearly twenty) years ago. Two, ice cream. Hello? Of course it caught our eye!

The piece is colorful — with lots of fun graphics — but other than that, quite simple. There's a standard window envelope and a personalized letter. The back of the letter is used as a sell sheet. That's it.

On the envelope, there's an image of a pint of Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream (we prefer Phish Food and Marsha Marsha Marshmallow, but who's being picky?). A teaser under the window reads:

"Get Ben & Jerry's on us when you choose clean energy in Marblehead."

Assuming this was sent to recipients in multiple towns, the envelope had to be customized. Mentioning locale, and in this case (maybe?) responding to a concern that clean energy might not be an option in a small place filled with historic homes, may have been part of the strategy. To us, it didn't seem necessary.

The back of the envelope continues the look and feel of the front with a colorful illustration of green hills and a wind turbine. A message on the flap reads:

"Enjoy Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt or Non-Dairy Pints all year round when you switch to 100% wind power."

Inside, the letter is also colorful, with another image of the ice cream pint, and promotional copy that nicely fills part of the illustration. The letter is quick and conversational with several callouts, subheads and bulleted copy. The page as a whole is a little busy, but engaging enough to keep the reader's interest. The only thing we would have added is a P.S.

On the back, illustrations support the message that the marketer donates some of its profits to progressive organizations. It offers "3 reasons to make the switch today," which include:

  1. Help protect the planet
  2. Support causes you care about
  3. Power a sweeter future

The promotion is positioned as a win-win, and there are multiple ways to respond.

Switching to wind power is a major decision and not one that the average person knows much about. By simplifying the message and — especially — by offering such a sweet incentive, the package will probably appeal to people who want to live a greener lifestyle and leave a smaller carbon footprint.

And, of course, to people who love ice cream.

Thumbs up.


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Mailbox Monday

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