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This week, we once again turn to our digital mailboxes for "Mailbox Monday." Along with the usual newsletters we subscribe to (and the usual newsletters we don't subscribe to), the correspondence from clients and colleagues, special offers from vendors, and ads for Viagra, identity theft protection, ambulance chasers, and real estate agents, there was one that caught our eye for a number of reasons.

The solicitation from Ooma Office starts with a concept, which looks like a mini print ad or emailed postcard. It depicts two Swiss Army knives. One, very simple, with just a single blade, is labelled "AT&T business phone & others." The second, including multiple blades, a corkscrew, scissors, pliars, and sundry other instruments, is labelled "Ooma Office." Not a new idea (in fact, the Bs used the same analogy in a 3D direct mail package years ago), but clean, simple, and eye-catching. Beneath the image, the headline reads "Finally, a business phone service assorted with sharp features, not costs." Nice payoff, guys.

Scrolling down the email, the next section is html copy that explains why Ooma is better than AT&T and all the benefits of switching. We also learn that Ooma has been "rated the #1 VoIP business phone service 5 years running." There's a special offer, a call-to-action, and a button to "Start saving."

The next section, moving down the email, includes 6 features with icons and 2 quick lines of copy. It has the clean and contemporary look of an infographic. It offers a lot of valuable information without bogging us down in body copy.

Another section follows with an endorsement from PC Magazine, the low price ($19.95 per month), yet another call to action "Start saving today!" and a toll-free number. Finally, we have what we call a "housekeeping" area with links to various (pretty much all) social media and legal copy.

There's a common belief these days that less is more in email marketing. Ooma's email proves that really clean design can enable you to tell more of your story in a user-friendly and engaging way. This is one hard-working email! It looks as good on a mobile phone or tablet as it does in a desktop browser. Just solid work all around.

The Bs give this email a thumbs-up. (And, now we're going to learn more about their service.)

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