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Mailbox Monday


Here at B Direct, we were overdue for a "Mailbox Monday." But, what to write about? Business services from American Express? Fundraising from the ASPCA? 178-day world cruises we can't afford? The fake check from Gladiator Lending (grrrrrrrrrrrrrr)?

We were about to find an oldie but goodie from our "swipe file," when a wonderful email arrived. So, today's "Mailbox Monday" is really an "Inbox Monday." And this particular piece of marketing has captured our hearts and imagination.

For a bit of background, the Queen B recently ordered a package of mini bully sticks for her mini dachshund. They are just about his favorite treat (and, trust us, you really don't want to know what they're made out of). An email arrived this morning with the subject line "Important Update to your Amazon Order." Naturally, we assumed that the item was backordered or the order was delayed for some other reason. However, when we clicked and opened the message, we found an adorable note addressed to "Alexandra's dog."

Here's the text ...


A message for Alexandra’s dog:

Looks like you’ve been behaving yourself lately because your hooman ordered you "Mini 5" Straight Bully Sticks for Small Dogs & Puppies (20 Pack)"!

As Chief Canine Officer (CCO) at Pawstruck, I wanted to bark at you with a few recommendations now that your package is on its way. Follow this guide and you’ll be getting your chew on in no time!

1) In a matter of days, your special package will be delivered to your dog house. As you normally do, give a few warning barks at the delivery hooman to assert dominance.

2) Once he knows who’s boss, allow him to deliver your goodies.

3) The box will be difficult to open without thumbs. Employ your special “puppy dog eyes” you’ve trained your hooman with, until they open the box. Remember, persistence is key.

4) Once your human obeys, grab your treat and head off to your favorite chew spot!

As CCO and official taste tester of Pawstruck, I’m confident that you’re going to love your hooman’s purchase. Thousands of dogs across the country are already waggin’ their tails over our products, so I’m sure you won't be disappointed.

My pack and I pride ourselves on our canine customer service, and we want both you and your hooman to be completely satisfied. If there’s any reason that you wouldn't rate this as a 5-star experience, bark at us right away and we'll do what we can to make it right. If everything looks as you hoped, I’d wag my tail if you would take a few seconds to click the link below and quickly rate our product. Ratings help other pups like you find our products.

Woof woof,

Chief Canine Officer


To our readers who are also writers, don't you wish you had this copy assignment? What a clever way to engage, request positive feedback and kick off a solid customer relationship. Our only quibble (not to be confused with kibble) is the oft-repeated misspelling of the word "human." For us, that cutesy canine typo is just a little too ... well ... cutesy. Otherwise, the email content is perfection.

The Bs at B Direct (not to mention their devoted dogs) give this email an enthusiastic paws up!

Mailbox Monday
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