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Are "Thank You" notes a lost art? It certainly seems so — at least the ones that arrive in the mail. (As baby boomers, we've never really warmed up to "Thank You" tweets, texts, PMs, or Facebook posts.)

B Direct is a busy agency, so we order a lot of supplies for ourselves and on behalf of our clients. We usually get email confirmations. Sometimes they even include a nice modern convenience, like one-click tracking. And, yes, the words "Thank you for your order" appear on most of them.

But, it's just not the same.

Bravo then to ULine! We ordered several hundred shipping boxes recently — which, btw, were a great price and arrived in a single day — and two days later we received this neat little piece. Mail often stands out when it's oversized, but at 4.5" x 6", this stood out because it was small. The size felt personal and more like a greeting or note card than business mail. The teaser reads: "Thank you for your Uline order."

Inside, a single folded card continues with the outside message "THANK YOU for ordering shipping supplies from Uline."

Unfolded, another message expresses their appreciation and lists the "many advantages to ordering from Uline:" their "fast and user friendly" website; 99.5% in stock; customer service; and savings.

A plastic card is tipped on to the lower panel offering us a pad of "pallet notes" (super cute) free with our next order of $250 or more. Other gift items are pictured, including a cap, shirt, grill, jacket, and folding chair.

The card somehow strikes just the right balance between a genuine "Thank You" and corporate self-promotion. The copy is brief and easily scanned. The plastic card makes the special offer tangible and includes the company's 800-number and URL. In fact, the only issue we have is that the copy is in all caps, making it less friendly and a bit more difficult to read than it needs to be.

Nevertheless, getting a "Thank You" was a pleasant surprise. And, we're pleased to give the piece a thankful thumbs-up.

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