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There's a saying that often rings true for direct mail marketing: "Less is more." But, sometimes, less isn't quite enough.

We like postcards and simple self-mailers with lean copy as much as the next direct marketing agency. But, the piece we recently received from was a little light in the loafers. 

There was no there there.

"What is" you may ask. We can't tell you. The direct mail we received didn't give us much of a clue.

So, naturally, we googled them. (Easy enough, but a marketer can't expect every prospect to whom they mail to take the time to do that. We only did it so we could write this blog post.) According to the "About Us" page of their website, allows you to ...

"Shop curated brands and city essentials, all in one place. Our mission is to give customers like you a better, tailored shopping experience that fits seamlessly into your daily life. An experience featuring a curated assortment of new and leading brands, because all in one place is better than all over the city. An experience that makes it easier to get your essentials, so you never run out when it counts. An experience that inspires you as you search, helping you find your favorites and discover new ones, too. The everyday can sometimes be overwhelming, but getting what you need shouldn't be."

Okay, that sounds pretty good. In fact, we can think of several ways that they could promote this positioning concept via direct mail. Instead, they sent a simple mailer that promises:

"Get what you need without going out."

Not exactly a new idea. (Um. How long ago did Amazon launch?) And, more to the point, why is any different from the — literally — thousands of other ecommerce sites? We assumed our questions would be answered inside, but alas, they were not. 

Copy inside reads "Find your favorites all in one place." (Again, hello ... Amazon, anyone?) There's a two-pronged offer: 2-day delivery and free shipping over $35. But, this information is typeset as body copy and really doesn't stand out. Meanwhile, we see categories of products: Household, Beauty, and Grocery. On the address panel, they've included a testimonial from someone called @SamanthaKShaw. She's very happy with, but her quote doesn't distinguish them from any other sites either. 

Basically, this self-mailer is a missed opportunity. There's no reason to try here. And, the Bs have to give it a thumbs-down.

In this case, more would have been more. More effective, that is.

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