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We love it when the medium and the message are one and the same. So, we think that Vistaprint made a solid choice about how to promote the company's heavier stock business cards. They didn't just tell us about it, they sent a sample, packaged in a simple little self-mailer.

The cover teased us with what appeared to be a riddle: "What's 40% heavier and only $10?" It also alerted us to the enclosed sample. The address panel promoted a time-sensitive 50% off incentive.

We were hooked. The piece opened cleanly with two dabs of fugitive glue (we can't tell you how many otherwise terrific self-mailers end up mutilated when glue or wafer seals won't give up the ghost). Sure enough, our sample was inside, integrated into the creative. The business card itself was anthropomorphized into "Stocky," a heavy weight champ. Get it?

Nice little package overall, but we have a couple of issues with it. The creative's a little bit hokey. That's a subjective call and one man's hokey may be another's hella clever. Although not necessarily our style, the creative is certainly of professional caliber and carried through consistently.

More worrisome, perhaps, is the overload of numerical information. Between the two outside panels and the two inside panels, we have:

• 40% heavier (mentioned twice)

• $10 price (mentioned twice)

• June 6, 2012 deadline (mentioned twice in two different formats)

• 50% off (mentioned twice)

• 0% more money (huh?)

• 250 cards

• $19.99 starting price

• 1000s of designs

• 100% satisfaction guarantee

Arguably, these all good points. But, our concern is that it's too much to take in. And some of it borders on another concept all together (40% heavier/0% more money). Less might definitely be more here.

Nevertheless, the piece certainly holds up, and if and when we are in the market for a "Stocky" business card, we will certainly know where to turn. A thumbs-up from the B's at B Direct.

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