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Here at B Direct, one of the things we pride ourselves on is creating direct mail campaigns that work hard. Really hard. Often this means accommodating a variety of browsing styles by including a variety of different types of information. 

Some recipients read copy beginning, middle, end. (We love these people, but they are few and far between _ and probably vanishing fast.) Others start at the end (that's why the P.S. can be the most important part of a letter) and work their way backward. Some people read every word. Others skim. Many people read any and everything but the body copy; they prefer call-outs, lists, captions, and quotes. Others want information served up as logos, charts, or infographics.

A self-mailer we recently received combined many of the elements above — and did so in a highly engaging red-cross format, printed on a sturdy stock that had a highly tactile, almost velvet feel to it.

Phew. (And, way to go!)

The cover of the piece includes a clever play-on-words headline "Get ship done," along with satisfaction scores, logos for major e-commerce partners (including Amazon, Shopify, Etsy and SquareSpace), a succinct benefit statement, and the offer: "Free 30-day trial + 1 month free."

We soon find out that the mailing promotes ShipStation, "the #1 choice of online sellers everywhere." When the first flap is unfolded, we learn that ShipStation can connect to any store, marketplace or shopping cart, that we can ship in a variety of methods and via any carrier we choose. 

The next two panels include glowing testimonials with dramatic photos of Loyal Stricklin and Offerman Woodshop (bonus for including a celebrity). Meanwhile, the sell message continues, serving up copy on each unfolded flap in small, digestible but benefit-rich bits:

All your orders. In one place.
Go from zero to ship in no time.
Automate pretty much everything.
Set yourself free with our mobile app.

Once all of the panels are open, the copy continues with a persuasive list: "Top 5 reasons to try ShipStation today!" The offer is repeated and a big, bold URL is included for redemption.

As if all this wasn't enough, the outbound mail panel works just as hard. It includes a stamp rather than an indicia, the offer, an offer code and deadline, plus a quick paragraph summarizing what we'll learn inside.

We repeat ... Phew.

We'd love to know how this campaign performed. (Unfortunately, we're not the target audience, and that's probably the only gripe we have about it.)

Well done, ShipStation. We give you a thumbs-up for combining so much responsive "ship" into one sleek little mailing.

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