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As cost-conscious direct marketers, we are always interested in clever hard-working mail formats. 

That's why we noticed when the agency received a self-mailer from Vocus, a PR software company. It did a good job explaining the benefits of the product and offered a $50 Barnes & Noble gift card if we were willing to sit through a presentation. 

The piece included an attached die-cut BRC. This reply card when opened, created an asymmetry that would encourage the recipient to pull it off. All in all, it was a nice, tidy little package.

Then, two days later, we received another one.

It was the exact same size, same stock, same die cut. But, there were no graphics on the outside and the return address didn't include the company's name or logo.

Inside, the two packages had the same copy practically word-for-word. The typography was slightly different and the second, blind package had a photo of a woman (not sure whether it was supposed to be the Vocus rep or a customer).

If this is a test, then the only element being tested is the design and whether a blind return address helps or hinders response. Seems like a lot of trouble for very little learning.

The B's at B Direct give both package(s) a thumbs-up. (Although, we prefer the one with the company's name and the pretty circles on the outside.) 

But, as far as receiving essentially the same campaign twice in two days is concerned, we're still a little confused.

(Empty) Mailbox Monday
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