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Mailbox Monday


"Email is king. direct mail is dead." Yeah, yeah. And video killed the radio star. 

Email has certainly become ubiquitous. And, used strategically, it can be cost-efficient and effective. But, direct mail is still pretty powerful stuff. Especially today when there is so much less paper mail in everyone's in-box.

Looks like we're not the only ones who still believe in direct mail. We were happy to see not one, not two, but five oversized postcards come in on the same day.

From an online printer.

From a community college.

From two different museum.:

And a local bank.

At B Direct, we're big big fans of big big big postcards. They are quick, they can be bold and brand-building. They're a great way to present a strong offer. They can utilize high-impact digital personalization (which also leads to prospect retention of the card itself). They are portable. They can be passed along. We think of them as mini posters, as little billboards delivered to your door.

When your mailbox is filled with invoices and bills, it's nice to see some pretty pictures. '

The B's at B Direct are giving these marketers a thumbs-up for going old school.

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