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We often design oversized postcards for our clients. They stand out; they provide enough real estate for branding, copy and offers. Bigger can be better, but not always. This oversized (8.5 x 11") postcard is just too much!

Help! Where do you look first? On the so-called "art side" of this postcard, we have:
• An image
• A headline
• A subhead
• Some copy
• Another subhead
• A bulleted list
• Another subhead
• More copy
• A screen grab
• And a URL

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

The image of the mother and baby is compelling. (And, as you know if you've been paying attention, people do look at people.) But, the recipient doesn't get a moment to look at the photo — or catch her breath — with all the other elements crying for attention.

The back or address side of the postcard is also overcrowded with
• Address and postage information
• A headline offer
• Four coupons
• Brand positioning
• A bulleted list
• And contact information

The coupons are a good idea, but they would be more convenient (easier to tear off) if they ran along the bottom or a side edge. 

Clearly, the creative team, the client or both come from the school of "We're paying for the paper anyway, why waste it on white space?" Here are a few rather important reasons:
• It's easier on the eye
• It makes your content stand out
• It helps ensure the space that isn't white gets read.

The B's at B Direct give this big fat card a bit fat thumbs-down. Sorry. There's just too much there there.

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