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At B Direct, we love using "magacards." These oversized postcards have a short fold — typically where the card is addressed. With fugitive glue or wafer seals, the fold unfolds and ... Ta Da! Something special is revealed.

We use this spotlighted real estate for offers, punch lines, answers to questions.

We received a nice, colorful, oversized (6' x 11") piece from AT&T. The art side (or cover) showed a teen and a tween taking advantage of AT&T's new product Mobile Share and it's "Unlimited Talk and Text, plus data to share."

On the back or address panel, there was a simple teaser "The choice is yours with AT&T's new Mobile Share plan" and that infamous short-fold panel.

One of the reasons these formats have been so successful for our clients is that the recipient can't help but open them. So we did. Inside was promotional copy on the left (under the flap) and a schematic showing all of the devices that can be connected via Mobile Share on the right (on the back of the flap).

We read the copy twice just to make sure we weren't missing something, like: "You're about to uncover a new way to connect ..." or "Now, we can reveal the latest ..." Nope, nothin'.

The product sounds pretty cool, the card is nicely designed. But, the format isn't used as well as it could have been. A format like this can be woven into a creative concept. In this case, there really isn't much of a concept at all. Too bad.

We applaud the investment in oversized direct mail. But, opening it was an anticlimax. The B's at B Direct have to give this piece a thumbs-down.

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