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Mailbox Monday


Here's one that we received a while ago, but held onto because it was smart and efficient and — most of all — effective.

They say "nature hates a vacuum." So, apparently, do the donors of not-for-profit organizations. Or, at least, so assumed the creative team for this surprisingly simple campaign.

This nifty little package arrived, encouraging us to donate household goods (used clothing, housewares, toys, etc.) to help the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America (MSAA).

We've received countless postcards over the years from many different non-profits, all making the same request. But, this one stood out for a numbere of reasons:

• It arrived in a clear plastic non-envelope. Its look and feel made it stand out immediately.

• It was 3-D in a mailbox of 2-D paper mail.

• It gave us a "free" plastic bag to fill up. So, they didn't just suggest we find items we were no longer using, they gave us a tool to help. Then, added two easy ways to schedule a pick-up: by phone or by going online.

And, once we do fill it up and contact them for our pick-up, that bag will sit outside our door, branded with the MSAA logo and spreading the word in our neighborhood.

Smart, engaging, cost-efficient. 

The B's at B Direct give this package an enthusiastic thumbs-up. Thanks, honey.

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