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Mailbox Monday

We received an early Valentine card from a company that is fast becoming one of our favorite places to find funky gifts for friends and family. The shape and size of a greeting card, it certainly didn't feel like direct mail. It happened to be upside-down when the agency's stack of mail was pulled out, so all we saw was the one-word message "Love."

Expecting the familiar handwriting of a significant other, we eagerly turned it over. Alas, the no-nonsense addressing was a bit of a let down. (A bar code. Really? And what a ho-hum indicia!)

But when we recognized the sender, we happily gave the piece another chance.

We love Fab. They have the coolest gifts that you never knew you (or your friends) needed. Looking for plastic mustaches that fit over the tops of beer bottles and adorn your face with every slug? A Brillo soap pad candle? A Pope Francis rag doll? Any and everything Star Trek? Probably not. But, trust us, if you are, you can find these (and so much more) at Fab.

Inside, the trim little piece didn't disappoint. It continued the Valentine's Day greeting card look and feel on the cover. "Shhhhhh," we were teased in white type on red, along with a little heart. Inside, the affectionate message on the overleaf panel told us:

We've been thinking about you all day.

All week.
All month.
All year.

Opening once again, a fairly simple trifold showcased several "naughty" and "nice" gift items. With a non-judgmental payoff reassuring us that "Naughty or nice, it's all good." A $5 discount offer appeared at the very center. The package accurately communicated Fab's oh-so-fabulous brand while earning points as effective, efficient, and entertaining direct marketing.

And that greeting card look and feel even carried over to the back. (We love creative that takes the concept all the way.) Rather than use the back panel of the brochure for more marketing, Fab's brand appeared the way "Hallmark" would on a real greeting card. The seasonal tagline read "There's never been a better time to indulge."

Yes, this practically perfect package would have been better with a "handwritten" address and a live (albeit Standard Class) stamp. Otherwise, we were in love.

The B's at B Direct give this a definite thumbs-up. And now, you'll have to excuse us. We're going Valentine's Day shopping at Fab.

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