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Clients sometimes ask us to create logos for them — either for their company, a product, an event, or a promotion.

Other clients sometimes ask us why they should use a direct marketing creative shop (ie. us) to create a logo for them.

We tell them it's because there's more to good design than pretty pictures.

At B Direct, we approach every project — yes, even if it’s a logo — with a clear understanding of how our design fits into the client's overall marketing conversation. We think about all the ways it will be used, online and off. And, most important, we think about our client's business objectives, whether that's earning new customers, keeping old customers, increasing revenue, or simply attracting attention.

So, what makes a good logo ... well ... good? There are several things.

• It should be simple, eye-catching and memorable.

• It should work equally well in black and white as it does in color.

• It should be scalable, reading as clearly on a business card as it does on a truck or a billboard.

• It should be clever; customers who know (and hopefully love) your brand should smile when they see it, recognizing an inside design joke if that's appropriate.

• It should work vertically and horizontally, depending on the application.

• It should be flexible and versatile — for example, the mark and typography should work together and as separate objects.

• It should appeal to the target audience and fulfill (or exceed) their expectations.

• It should be pleasing to the eye and balanced.

• It should feel clean and contemporary (unless you purposefully choose to go another way because of the nature of your product or service).

And, last but not least, it should be distinctly yours — and no one else's. In other words, don't come to us and ask us to create a logo like Apple's.

Unless, of course, you're Apple.

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