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From social media stars on apps such as Instagram and TikTok, to TV and movie stars, influence is everywhere.

Celebrities being seen with your product, or better yet, promoting it in a way that doesn’t read like advertising, is a wonderful ways to develop brand awareness. In fact, today consumers much prefer engaging and connecting with individual people instead of big corporations and institutions.

And what better way for an individual ­— whether a celebrity or just a plain, old, everyday marketer — to reach a wide audience than using a digital communication channel such as social media?

The term “influencers” is one that we hear frequently these days, and while the word itself is fairly new, having just been added to the English dictionary in 2019, what it stands for is not new in the marketing world. Companies choosing “role models” to model their products dates back to the 1700s according to SocialMediaToday when a potter made a tea set for the Queen of England. The Queen using this tea set showed it had the stamp of royal approval, thus making it more desirable for commoners.

So, if you're not of royal blood, how can you influence your customer base?

For one, you don’t necessarily need a famous TikToker or popular Instagram account to post about your product. Influence can be seen everywhere and what we learn from influencers’ success is things we’ve known all along. Take for example, blogging. Blogs are an easy way to connect with an audience to drive a conversation.

Here are a few tips to make your blogs more influential:

  • Messages should sound like they are from real people
  • Customers should be encouraged to engage and participate in the conversation
  • Honesty and integrity matter

You may not think blogging should be a priority for your business. However, 60% of consumers find blogs valuable at the early stage of the buying process, according to Oberlo. In fact, the early stage of the buying process can arguably be seen as the time when it's most important to influence your customers and retain their interest and attention to your products. So, is it worth  your time to blog? Yes. It’s hard to think of another marketing tactic that would hold that much influence in that important stage of decision-making.

And guess what, blogging is much easier (and nowhere near as expensive) than getting the Queen of England to use your product.

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