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Ghostwriting for Robots


With rapid technological advancements, robots are becoming more and more mainstream. And while most robots are too expensive for the average consumer, the average consumer actually interacts with robots much more often than they realize. For better or worse, the future will see us relying on robots and artificial intelligence (AI) more and more.

Some marketers predict that robots will write ad copy in the future … thankfully, we’re not there yet.

However, you may find yourself writing copy for robots — think, telemarketing robocalls and website chatbots. Customers would much rather chat with a person — or, at least something that sounds like a person. In fact, maintaining a friendly and conversational tone may even lead to the customer forgetting they’re chatting with a robot.

Here are some tips for making those AI beings sound more like human beings:

  • Concentrate on the conversation flow
  • Choose natural and easy language
  • Create fun and customized scripts
  • Consider using emojis!
  • Communicate with convenient and concise answers

When ghostwriting for robots, think about how you would want Alexa, Siri, Bixby, or Google Assistant to answer you, then write scripts that answer your audience the same way.

Chatbots are used by thousands of different companies on their websites already. And, experts predict that roughly 85% of future customer interaction will be performed by nonhuman agents. With their 24-hour access and ability to answer 80% of standard questions, chatbots are an efficient and effective choice for everyday issues and concerns.

But, remember, while these are promising statistics, 86% of customers would still prefer to interact with an actual human. So, let’s ghostwrite for chatbots with care to make them sound as human as possible.

Eventually, humans won’t have to write copy and robots will do it for us. Until then, let’s appreciate our job security while we can.

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