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EZ Tips for Effective Email


Even though people are receiving more email messages than ever before, and even though the same people are spending less time with their emal, email remains an important (for some marketers, the most important) channel for both customer and prospect communication.

But, oy, how many walk-in tub emails does a person really need?

As direct marketers, we would argue that it's email and not direct mail that has earned the nickname "junk."

So, given that it's getting harder to break through all that digital clutter, what can you do — right away — to make sure your emails are working hard for you? Here are some pretty easy, but effective, tips.

Know who you're mailing to — before you hit "send"
Emails may be inexpensive to send out, but you'll do more harm than good if you send to expired, incorrect, or unqualified email addresses. Keep your lists clean; respect recipients' preferences and opt-out requests. Better to mail less but to the right people than to "spray and pray."

Begin at the beginning
Don't neglect your subject line! The subject line is the first — and quite possibly, the only — thing your recipient will see. Make them an offer they can't refuse (or at least can't delete until they open it). This is probably the single most important element of your email that should be tested and tested and tested and, yes, tested. Some variables to test include personalization, including a deadline or expiration date, number of characters, different phrases, asking questions, using numbers rather than spelling them out, adding emojis, and more.

Send your emails when people are more likely to read them
Again, this may require some testing. Many email marketers recommend sending your messages in the first half of the day on Tuesday, Wedbesday, and Thursday. But, you'll want to determine what's best for your audience, product, and message. (Have we mentioned testing?)

Make sure your emails are road-ready
These days, at least half of your prospects are probably going to receive and read your email on a mobile phone or tablet. If your email looks fabulous on a desktop monitor, but not so much on a handheld device, you've just wasted half your time, energy, budget, and audience.

Don't email in a vacuum
Your email marketing should tie-in to all your other communications, online and off. Just think how much more powerful your message will be if your audience sees it in their inbox and on social media and in a letter package and in a print ad. People are more likely to take action if they are surrounded by your offer. To that end, be sure that your emails link to your Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Twitter accounts; offer downloads of content; and link back to your website too.

We'll be the first to agree that there is simply too much email out there today. But, we also know the difference between junk email and relevant digital offers. Send the right message to the right person at the right time and watch your results improve.


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