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(Empty) Mailbox Monday


​We didn't receive any mail today (not any mail of note, not any mail period). 

Hey, it happens.

So, we went into our "swipe files" and pulled out a piece that impressed us a few years ago.

It's a sleek little self-mailer we received from the Bank of America Pavilion, an outdoor concert venue in Boston.

Never underestimate the sensory experience of a direct mail package. Although the folder carrier was sealed, we could hear that there was something moving around inside. Sure enough, we found a personalized VIP ticket, which not only served as the response device but helped us imagine that we might actually win the campaign's drawing for "A VIP Experience for Four." Because the faux ticket sat loosely in a pocket, it slid back and forth, clue-ing us into the fact that there was something inside, while the dimensions of the pocket kept it from slipping completely out. 

Engaging and fun!

The campaign gets a high score for covering all the response basics too: PURL (personalized URL), QR code, local phone number, email to an individual sales rep, Facebook and Twitter. ("Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my!") 

And, once we responded, we received a quick and informative confirmation email from the rep.

All-around strong presentation. The B's at B Direct give the package an enthusiastic thumbs-up. (And, we wouldn't mind winning those free tickets either!)

Mailbox Monday
Mailbox Monday

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