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Email Copy Options (and Opt-Ins)


In our last blog post, we talked about optimum copy length for a direct marketing campaign. Today, we'll look at the same question with regard to email copy.

The overall recommendation is the same: if the length is effective, then that is the length to use.

Emails are a challenge to begin with. Readers have the ability to quickly delete messages without even opening them. And of course, the dreaded “unsubscribe” button is easily accessible to allow your readers to opt-out from hearing from you ever again.

So what length of copy works best for an email?

While shorter email copy is widely considered to perform better than longer copy, the real answer lies in your data. Get to know your audience really well and then test what length of email they respond to best.

Because the truth is, you can put in a Google search for “How long should email copy be?” and come up with “between 50-125 words” for an answer. But this doesn’t tell the whole story.

Is 50-125 words enough to explain your new enterprise technology solution? Is 50-125 words too much to wish a valued customer a happy birthday?

The best advice we can give is to fully understand both your audience and your product, and then decide on a copy length that works well for both. And then, of course, test, test, test.

We can’t discuss emails without addressing that only 24% of sales emails are actually opened (according to TOPO). How can you make your email more appealing to your prospects and stand out from the other junk in their inbox? Being clever in your subject line will entice your audience to click open.

Recent Worldata research shows that for B-to-C emails, the words “back,” “preview,” and “limited” all increased open rates for emails. In comparison, the words “remember,” and “last year,” caused a decrease in open rates.

The same research found that for B-to-B emails, words that increased open rates include “2021,” “Q2/Q3,” and “preview.” Words to avoid in B-to-B email subject lines are currently “2020,” and “Q1” as both of those are decreasing open rates.

Obviously, whether you're marketing to consumers or businesses, your recipients are eager to put the past behind the.

We are too.

Happy emailing!

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