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Adobe, a vendor with which B Direct does a lot of business (since they pretty much own the creative studio software industry these days), just released their 2019 Email Usage Report. There are some interesting trends and tidbits in it.

First of all, people are spending less time with their email than in years past — both B2C and B2B. Personal email is only checked 143 minutes a day. Business email is only checked 209 minutes.

Now, it may seem like we shouldn't use the word "only" in either of those sentences. But, what's interesting is that those rather large units of time represent a significant downward trend. In 2016, personal mail was checked 209 minutes. Business mail was checked 256 minutes.

What make this even more worrisome for email marketers is that the number of emails going out has actually increased. That means people are spending less time on more email.

There was also a decline in people checking work email before work and on vacation. And no matter when or where they check email, they only think about 1/4 of the marketing offers they see are worth opening.

The bottom line is that if you're an email marketer, you have less time to get noticed in a more crowded inbox. There are lots of "email best practices" that you can employ to improve your results. In the Adobe study, they also included lists of things to avoid.

For both B2B and B2C emails, recipients are most frustrated by:
• Recommendations that don't match their interests
• Misspelled name
• Expired offers
• Offer that isn't appropriate to season or location
• Promoting things that the person has already bought

Basically, they want relevant offers and they want to believe you know them well enough to know (a) what they have and haven't purchased and (b) how they spell their name.

Email marketing is 1-to-1 marketing. Let's do what we can to make the digital experience feel personal.


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