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Don't Just Improve Your Marketing, Augment It


In today’s entertainment, we’re seeing more and more examples of virtual reality. Virtual reality is how we describe the environment presented to us in the unique way that makes us feel as if we are actually there. This is done by stimulating our senses in a particular way so that we, as the audience, believe the artificial environment is a real environment.

A few examples are virtual reality tours of museums and art galleries and virtual theme parks. The British Museum, for instance, offers virtual visits to their exhibitions from anywhere around the world. Using a VR headset, people are able to engage with the material on display from the comfort of their living room. While this was first launched in 2017, it’s easy to imagine its increased value over the last year and a half due to quarantines caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Similar to virtual reality, augmented reality is an interactive experience featuring an enhanced version of the physical environment through the use of technology. Computers (including tablets and smart phones) are able to highlight and enhance objects within the environment by using digital effects to target sight and hearing senses.

As entertainment, augmented reality is becoming more and more trendy. For example, there are different lenses you can take Snapchat pictures with, a popular one being dog ears placed on the user’s head and a tongue that comes out when they open their mouth. Another example is the hit 2016 mobile game Pokemon Go. In this game, players chase after Pokemon characters that they find by visiting physical locations; Of course, they can only collect them virtually.

And, as you may have guessed, augmented reality is also a growing trend for marketing.

This growing trend allows brands to not only communicate, but also engage with their audience. This is all done through interactive content. Consumers get access to a 360-degree view of the product offerings and in return, about 63% of customers believe that augmented reality adds value to their shopping experience according to Biztech.

Check out this video from IKEA explaining their IKEA Place app that allows you to virtually “place” a piece of furniture into your home. Again, keep in mind how helpful this technology is for those who are sheltering at home!

So, don’t just strive to improve your marketing, aim to augment it and let your audience experience the 360-degree view of your products firsthand

Well, at least via the phone in their hand.

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