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Digital or direct mail? That is the question.

For a few years, our clients turned away from direct mail and focused mainly on digital. That was okay with us (we bill ourselves as all-media direct marketers and have been deep into digital for the past 25 years). But, we had two concerns. One, that they were missing an opportunity to zig while their competition was zagging. And two, that they were already investing in creative for one medium (digital); why not leverage that investment across two media (digital and direct mail)?

The USPS has recently put out the results of a study that makes a very strong case for combining digital and direct. Here are some of the most interesting results.

According to marketing decision-makers:

68% said that combining digital and direct mail increased website visits
63% saw an increased response rate
said combining digital and direct mail increased ROI
and those interviewed saw a 40% conversion rates when digital and direct mail are combined.

In terms of how they're using the powerful combination of digital and direct mail, marketers are finding it helpful at every stage of the customer journey — from targeting prospects to leads, customers, and advocates.

51% to build awareness
68% to increase consideration
53% to drive to a transaction
16% to increase usage
13% to motivate advocacy

And, finally, here's how marketers are coordinating their integrated digital and direct mail campaigns:

80% drive traffic from direct mail to digital
76% integrate a unique URL or promo code in the direct mail
61% time their digital media once direct mail is delivered
51% send personalized direct mail based on online behavior
49% create a digital version of their direct mail
15% use QR codes
7% embed Ar (augmented reality) or VR (virtual reality) in direct mail

Digital or direct mail? If that is the question, both is the answer!

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