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So much of what we do in direct marketing is all about promotion. Discounts, offers, expiration dates. But, the best direct marketing (and the not-for-profit industry does this masterfully) combines promotion and emotion.

Key emotional copy drivers include:

• Anger
• Exclusivity
• Flattery
• Fear
• Salvation
• Greed
• Guilt

And we would add Empathy to the list as well.

But, why should you make sure your direct marketing communications include emotion as well as promotion? Because using emotion works. (And that's not just a feeling we have — there are actual numbers that back this up.) For example ...

Marketing that elicits a strong emotional response generates a 23% lift in sales.

And ...

47% of consumers who have an emotional attachment to a brand are more likely to make (and make repeat) purchases.

We mentioned not-for-profit earlier. It's certainly easy to evoke a strong feeling about hungry children or stray dogs. But, what if you're marketing an enterprise business management software solution? (And, in case you're wondering, we have done exactly that, many times.)

Then, you might want to evoke feeling by helping your prospect imagine the good (or bad) emotions that surround making the right (or wrong) choice about your solution. How will it make their day better? (Connect this to the emotional drivers of flattery, salvation, greed.) How will not having your solution make their day worse? (Connect that to anger, fear, guilt.)

And, incorporate a healthy dose of empathy throughout. Feel their pain if that's what they're going through. Share their elation if your solution is going to make everything better.

Yes, direct marketers are definitely in the promotion business. But, more importantly, we're in the take action business. Leveraging human emotions can help you persuade someone to take action.

And, that's always a very good feeling.

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