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"But, I Don't Have Time to be Social"


Over the years and as recent as last month, some B Direct clients have admitted that — of course — they understand the benefits of regular social media posting, but they just don't have the time. This is particularly true for people in sales. Can they really spare that half- or full-hour away from prospecting?

And, then we hear all the other objections ... What would I write anyway? Who wants to read what I have to say? Haven't others already said it? And said it better?

People, especially people who don't take pleasure or believe they have talent in writing, can become so anxious about it that they don't end up doing anything. We call this "analysis paralysis." And, it's understandable. When you put something out there, you want it to be clever and engaging.

But, one of the really great things about social media is that it's as much about sharing as it is about crafting some unique and perfect original thought. In fact, it's much more so. Think about the various posts you browse during the day. Sure, some of them are exceedingly well-written and offer a new way to look at the world or your industry (or parenthood or politics or myriad other timely topics). But, at least as many are just passing along interesting information.

When you find and share something of interest to your customers and colleagues, you're doing them a service. And, while you may not be the original author, you still get credit for finding, curating, and distributing. Yes, that takes some time too. But not nearly as much. And, you can build once and share multiple times. Find something worth sharing? Post it (with a quick intro of your own) on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. And, only about 6% of your audience will see any given post, so feel free to re-post it (with a slightly different intro) multiple times.

When you become a source of regular and valuable information, your audience will trust and value you.

Here are some things you can consider sharing to keep people engaged with and appreciating you:

  • News Items
  • Research
  • Upcoming events
  • Lists of do's (or don'ts)
  • Quotes from industry luminaries
  • Changing laws or regulations
  • Case studies or samples of recent work
  • Seasonal interest
  • Borrowed interest
  • Other people's posts (yes, that's kosher — just be sure to give credit where credit's due)

Take it a step further and invite others to share or post their opinions. Even a single "Question of the day" is better than crickets.

Is it worth being social? Well, with billions of users out there and 93% of purchases influenced by social media ...

We'd say ... um, yeah, probably. (Feel free to repost this.)

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